Five Steps to a Lifestyle of Discipleship - Episode 34

We're back! We took some time off for personal health and for the holidays, but during that time we also worked on a ton of new ideas that God's been growing in our hearts. So to start off 2020, we want to take some time to focus on the most important aspects of creating a lifestyle of discipleship that we've found most helpful in our own lives. These five steps have been crucial for us over the last decade. So we wanted to take the time to unpack what they are and how they can help you on your path to a lifestyle of discipleship.

We also want to preview some of the other great things coming your way this year. So be sure to listen to the last chapter this week!



The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard

The Spirit of the Disciplines by Dallas Willard

The Great Omission by Dallas Willard

Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster

The Reluctant Witness by Don Everts

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The Conversationalist by Russell Verhey

How to Have Life-Defining Relationships with Russell Verhey (Podcast)

The Common Rule by Justin Earley

Developing Habits to Help You Grow with Justin Earley (Podcast)


Episode Audio:

Step 1: Know Your Identity (Ep 34.1)

You are a beloved child of God. He loves you and wants the best for you, no matter how you feel about him. You can do nothing to make him love you less.

Step 2: Practice the Basics (Ep 34.2)

It takes 10,000 hours to become a master at any given skill. When you set aside time each day to practice prayer, study, and meditation, you start the process that will lay the foundation for meaningful growth in the future.

Step 3: Walk with Someone (Ep 34.3)

You were created for community. You weren't meant to walk alone. You need someone who sees you at your best and worst, who's walking toward Jesus like you, and who can keep you accountable to your commitment to grow.

Step 4: Serve with Purpose (Ep 34.4)

You were created for a purpose. As a beloved child of God, you have a vocational calling that is to be used for the sake of others. The Christian life is lived through service to that calling. Keep service at the front of your mind by recognizing that your purpose in life lies outside yourself.

Step 5: Make Other Disciples (Ep 34.5)

As followers of Jesus, our greatest joy comes when we share our identity with another so that they may grow in their walk with him. This happens when you're sharing your faith with an unbeliever or helping a fellow brother or sister faithfully follow Christ.




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