Developing Habits to Help You Grow - Justin Earley - Episode 13

Justin Whitmel Earley (JD, Georgetown University) is the creator of The Common Rule, a program of habits designed to form us in the love of God and neighbor. He is also a mergers and acquisitions lawyer in Richmond, Virginia. He previously spent several years in China as the founder and general editor of The Urbanity Project and as the director of Thought and Culture Shapers, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the community through arts. He and his wife, Lauren, have four sons and live in Richmond, Virginia.

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The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

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Chapter 1 - Understanding the Story of Your Vocation

You've probably felt it at some point in your life. Monday comes around and you think, "I just need to make it through the week." There's so much more you were created to do than just work a 9 to 5 job. But fulfilling the calling God has on your life doesn't always seem straightforward. Justin's book, The Common Rule, came about through failure and his own struggle to figure out what it means to follow the call of God as a lawyer.

Chapter 2 - How to Make a Habit Stick

The gym is always full on January 3. But about a month later it starts to empty out again. Why? Because habits are tough to create. In this chapter, Justin talks about how he developed the habits for his Common Rule, noting there are two things that every successful habit must have!

Chapter 3 - The Four Daily Habits of The Common Rule

Kneeling in prayer, sharing a meal, shutting off your phone, and starting the day with Scripture. These four simple, daily habits have the potential to change your life. In this chapter, Justin talks about prayer specifically and how powerful it is to kneel in prayer as a habit for daily growth.

Chapter 4 - The Four Weekly Habits of The Common Rule

Having a conversation with a friend, curating your media intake, fasting something for 24 hours, and taking a sabbath. These four weekly habits can change the way you think about life and can transform your daily habits as well. In this chapter, Justin talks about the value of having a conversation with a friend as well as the value he's found in curating the media he allows in his life.



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