The John 3:16 You Don't Know - Paul Borthwick - Episode 57

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Making disciples is one of the crucial components of a lifestyle of discipleship. We are called to reproduce disciples. It's normal for Christians to think of spiritual disciplines and other practices as part of our own discipleship, but we rarely think of making other disciples as part of that process. This is why Paul's latest book is so valuable. John 3:16 is one of those verses many of us could probably quote. We've heard it so many times it's almost cliche. And the depth of the meaning Jesus was communicating to Nicodemus in that chapter is sometimes lost on us. Really, it's an invitation to something more than just getting saved. It's an invitation to God's redemptive work in all of history.


Who is Paul Borthwick?

Paul Borthwick serves on staff at Development Associates International, a training group dedicated to the character and ministry development of leaders in the under-resourced world. In 2015, he concluded a 30-year career teaching at Gordon College in the area of Global Christianity. He's also served a missions associate with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. Paul's wisdom and experience in missions and teaching come through in his latest book, Mission 3:16, where he unpacks the Bible's most famous verse to unveil God's intentional, sacrificial mission for the world.

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