Why Disciples Need Coaches - D. Alan Baker - Episode 40

Alan Baker is a graduate of Miami University (Oxford, OH) and the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (Springfield, MO). He's been in ministry for 39 years in the United States and Europe. During those years, he's served as a lead pastor, assistant pastor, missionary, evangelist, professor, college campus pastor and pastoral coach. He's also the author of two books: Those Who Turn Worlds Upside Down, and When the Call Comes – A Funeral Guide for Pastors. In 2014, he launched Journey Pastoral Coaching, a ministry whose mission is helping young ministers build strong for a lifetime of healthy and effective ministry.

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Chapter 1 - Why Disciples Need Coaches

One of the greatest temptations we face is the desire to be more than we were created to be. It's the desire to be as great as God. And for many of us, that even happens in the way we try to live as followers of Jesus. It could be that we think we have to grow and develop our way, under our own power, and by our own abilities. It's an isolating experience. But thinking we're alone or that we have to somehow figure out how to live as disciples by ourselves misses the very thing God created us for in the first place. He made us for relationships. In short, if we're going to be serious about creating a lifestyle of discipleship, we have to be serious about walking with others in that lifestyle. In this chapter, our personal friend and pastoral coach, Alan Baker, talks with us about value of relationships and why we often miss or ignore this important part of our discipleship.

Chapter 2 - Why You Need a Vertical Coaching Relationship

When it comes to Journey Pastoral Coaching there are two beams that signify the different types of coaching relationships. There is the vertical beam that signifies the relationship we have with the a coach who is more experienced than us and who has already done what we are now trying to do. Then there is the horizontal beam that signifies the relationship that we have with others who are at the same level as us. They are struggling to learn and accomplish the same things we are. And these two types of relationships each offer unique value. One is not more important than the other. We need both to help us fully develop as followers of Christ. But in this chapter, we discuss the value of the vertical beam and explore how these relationships provide a unique perspective that can only be gained through years of experience.

Chapter 3 - Why You Need a Horizontal Coaching Relationship

Journey Pastoral Coaching's horizontal beam in the cross approach to coaching represents a relationship with a peer. It's an intentional coaching relationship with someone who's walking alongside you, often at the same stage of life you are. A good coach doesn't need to know all the answers, they only need to be willing to walk beside you and ask the right questions. This means your peers can make great coaches. And they have a different perspective than someone in a vertical coaching relationship would have. Both of these provide valuable help as you pursue a lifestyle of discipleship. In this chapter, Alan Baker walks us through the value of the peer coaching relationship and some of the ways Journey Pastoral Coaching has implemented this vital coaching relationship.

Chapter 4 - Developing a Coaching Attitude

Following Jesus is a way of life. It’s not something we take break from. Whether you are busy at work trying to make a deadline, going to a sporting event with your family, or taking a break by going on vacation. These aren’t events that happen in addition to our walk with Christ. They happen in the midst of our life in Christ, and often they happen because of it. So we must always be ready to listen to the voice of the Spirit when He presents an opportunity to serve. In this chapter, Pastor Baker shows us what this mindset looks like through a willingness to be have a simple conversation. Because when you cultivate a mindset and a lifestyle that flows from the person God has called you to be, walking with Him becomes part of who you are. And that’s when Being leads to Doing.

Chapter 5 - Coaching Saved Our Lives

Coaching relationships or, more generally, walking with someone is a vital part of a discipleship lifestyle. While Journey Pastoral Coaching is for ministers, the need for someone else to walk beside us in the Christian life is nonetheless real. We won't function at our best without these relationships. In this chapter, Josh and Chris talk about the way coaching and their relationship with each other has saved their lives and put them on a path to a lifestyle of discipleship.




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