Unity And Diversity in God's Beautiful Community - Irwyn Ince - Episode 65

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In John 17, Jesus prayed that we, his people, would be one as he and the father are one. If we've learned anything from the year 2020, it's that we still have a long way to go before we see Jesus' prayer become a full reality in the American church. Whether it's factions within a church fighting over carpet colors, or people fighting over wearing masks or not wearing masks, or working out how to respond to issues of racism, we are far from united. In this episode, Irwyn joins us to talk about the beautiful community of God's people and the reasons unity is a struggle for so many of us. Learning to walk with others in unity as Irwyn describes is a big part of what it takes to create a lifestyle of discipleship.


Who is Irwyn Ince?

Irwyn L. Ince Jr. serves as a pastor at Grace DC Presbyterian Church and director of the Grace DC Institute for Cross-Cultural Mission, a church-based training and research entity dedicated to equipping current and future Christian leaders for cross-cultural ministry. He is a graduate of City College of New York, Reformed Theological Seminary, and holds a DMin from Covenant Theological Seminary.

In 2018, Ince was unanimously elected as the forty-sixth Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) General Assembly moderator—the first African American to hold the position. In a world torn apart by racial and ideological differences, Irwyn's latest book, The Beautiful Community, shows us how God's people, united in the church, are the solution to a divided world.

You can find out more about Irwyn's work at irwynince.com.

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Episode Resources: 

The Beautiful Community by Irwyn Ince

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The Color of Compromise by Jamar Tisby (Book)

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