The Healing Journey Back to Unity with God - Gary Moon - Episode 67

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Life is a journey. It sounds cliche, but there's a truth in that statement, especially for Christians as they strive to live a lifestyle of discipleship. When it comes to spiritual formation, we often think that process is meant to form only one part of our journey, the spiritual part. But this misses out on the beautiful whole of our life God wants to shape and form. He doesn't just want to shape our spirit, but our heart, mind, behaviors, and relationships as well. He wants to shape everything in us to be like him. But this process is a journey that takes time. It takes time because we don't naturally want to let him make these changes. In this episode, Gary Moon, unpacks a few of the ways God wants to shape us. His experience in psychology and spiritual formation, along with his wit and humor are a refreshing perspective on what it means to live a lifestyle of discipleship.


Who is Gary Moon?

Gary Moon directs resource development for the Martin Institute through Conversatio Divina as well as the D.Min. program in spiritual direction at Fuller Theological Seminary. He’s also helped found several organization devoted to helping Christians develop in their walk with Christ including the Martin Institute for Christianity and Culture, the Dallas Willard Center for Christian Spiritual Formation at Westmont College, and the Renovaré International Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation.

Gary has presented and written many articles on the theoretical and practical integration of psychology and theology. He’s also written several books including Apprenticeship with Jesus and Becoming Dallas Willard, a biography on one of our heroes here at Daily Growth Discipleship.

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Apprenticeship with Jesus by Gary Moon

Becoming Dallas Willard by Gary Moon

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