Post-Election Discipleship - Andréa Snavely - Episode 68

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Post-Election Discipleship

The United States has a very important election coming up in less than a week. The nation is more polarized than ever before, and this polarization is even reflected in the Church. But this is unfortunate considering where our allegiance as Christians should lie: with Christ and His Kingdom. So the question we wanted to talk with Dr. Snavely about is how should we as Christians understand our role in politics, and especially how should we respond on November 4th when the election is over. Ultimately, our hope isn't in who wins or who loses the election. Our hope and trust is in God who sits on the thrown.


Who is Andréa Snavely?

Andréa Snavely is passionate about reaching the lost with Spirit-empowered Training, Resourcing, and Equipping for Acts 1:8 Ministries. As an author, missionary, and theologian, Dr. Snavely and his wife, Darla, have been in ministry together for nearly 30 years; serving in pastoral ministry and, as a professor of Bible, theology, and ministry at Central Bible College and Global University. They currently live in Brussels, Belgium where Dr. Snavely servers as Professor of Theology at Continental Theological Seminary, and Darla serves with Breaking Chains, a ministry that helps women escape prostitution.

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