Learning to Live the Jesus Way - Alan Fadling - Episode 63

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God is present with you in every moment of your life. Think about the reality of that statement. Whether it's the most mundane tasks you do or the once-in-a-lifetime experiences, God, your father, is with you wanting to enjoy life with you. And he does this with both his grace and his truth. Learning to live the Jesus Way in grace and truth is challenging at times, but as we practice the way of Jesus with the truth of Jesus, we find we're living the Jesus life. In this episode, Alan Fadling joins us again and helps us understand the value of Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life in a way that will help anyone striving to live a lifestyle of discipleship.


Who is Alan Fadling?

Alan Fadling serves as a frequent speaker and consultant with local churches, national organizations and leaders internationally. He's also President and Founder of Unhurried Living, Inc. in Mission Viejo, CA, inspiring people to rest deeper, live fuller and lead better. He shows leaders how to get perspective so their leadership flows from a full soul and out of healthy rhythms of rest and work. A trained Spiritual Director, Alan is also the award-winning author of An Unhurried Leader and An Unhurried Life, which was honored with a Christianity Today Award of Merit in spirituality. His latest book, The Way of Presence, is a wonderfully insightful invitation to go beyond merely seeking truth intellectually in exchange for a daily practice of pursuing lived wisdom in grace.

You can find out more about Alan's work at unhurriedliving.com.

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The Way of Presence by Alan Fadling

Inhaling Grace by Alan Fadling


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