Is the Bible Really Authoritative? - Episode 69

Episode Audio:

As followers of Christ, one of our primary tools for knowing Him and His will is the Bible. In fact, we often proclaim that it is THE primary way for us to know who God is. But have you ever asked yourself "why"? Why do Christians believe in the Bible is authoritative in our lives?

Asking this question isn't a sign that you have weak faith. On the contrary! It shows that you are maturing. Mature disciples ask these kinds of questions because we have a desire to go deeper in our relationship with God. We don't want to rest on the legacy or word of our parents. We want to grow our faith so that it is able to stand on its own two feet. We believe that if God is really behind Scripture and is working in our lives to reveal Himself to us, then there are no questions we could ask that could ever dismiss the truth of who He is or what He's done.

So in this episode, Josh and Chris explore why the Bible is one of Christianity's most valuable tools for seeking to know God.


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