How Sacred Chaos Leads to Daily Growth - Tricia Rhodes - Episode 29

Tricia specializes in helping others experience God’s presence through practicing soul-care. An adjunct professor for Fuller Theological Seminary and author of 7 books, including the acclaimed, The Soul at Rest, she is a practiced minister with over 40 years of experience. With a rich background in Christian spirituality and a PhD in leadership studies, Tricia draws from a broad spectrum to create life-giving tools that can make anyone’s spiritual journey relevant and meaningful.

This week we’re talking with Tricia Rhodes about her book, Sacred Chaos: Spiritual Disciplines for the Life You Have.

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Sacred Chaos by Tricia Rhodes

Soul at Rest by Tricia Rhodes

The Wired Soul by Tricia Rhodes

The Game with Minutes by Frank Laubach

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Chapter 1 - How to Run to Jesus in the Chaos

Life can be chaotic. Sometimes it feels as if there are constant demands on our time that pull in multiple directions at once. We can get overwhelmed just by the simple, everyday activities that need our attention day in and day out. We struggle to keep pace and fulfill all of our obligations. The constant barrage of expectations and the onslaught of major and minor catastrophes leaves us feeling like failures. Rather than retreating into God to find peace, we find the chaos pushing us out of God’s center. We begin to feel guilt and shame because we haven’t set aside time just to be with God. We feel like we are failing at being a Christian on top of failing at being a parent or our job, or fill in the blank. But Tricia Rhodes offers us a way forward in the midst of this chaos. Instead of allowing the chaos to overwhelm us, we should embrace it as God’s plan and purpose for our lives. For God is with us in the midst of the chaos and wants to use it to work in us.

Chapter 2 - Seeking God through Authentic Habits

Habits can be powerful tools for growth. We all have those menial tasks at work that we have to do. It’s that task that requires doing the same thing over and over again. As we do that task, our brain and our body get so used to doing it that we get faster at doing it. We know exactly which key to press on the keyboard and when, we know exactly where to move to pick up the next item. We develop habits. And when we develop these habits, our job becomes a little easier. In this chapter, Tricia unpacks the way habits can actually benefit our spiritual growth as well. Because the more we practice a habit, the more natural it becomes to keep doing it.

Chapter 3 - Spiritual Sight for the Everyday Moments of Life

Have you ever had a friend that was so spiritual that it made you sick? You know, the type that would pray about everything! Even what they were supposed to eat for lunch! Well while that might seem extreme to many of us, it demonstrates a desire that we all have. We want to develop such a close, intimate relationship with God that we would trust him with even our mundane choices. We want to see the world through his eyes, and so be led by his Spirit throughout our day. Well Tricia tells us a story of a woman she knew who had this sort of relationship with God who taught her an important lesson about we can develop this sort of spiritual sight in our own lives.

Chapter 4 - Experimenting with Spiritual Disciplines

Have you ever tried to practice a new spiritual discipline like journaling or fasting and thought you had to understand how to do it perfectly? Maybe you had to have the right journal and write about the right events. Or maybe you found yourself in an argument over what you should fast and whether or not it’s proper to drink juices during a fast. At times it’s good to be precise with what we do. At other times though it’s better to experiment a bit. We were all created with our own personalities, and the way each of us grow is often just a little different. Experimenting with spiritual disciplines isn’t about finding your own personal path to growth though. We all need to pray and communicate with God. But the way we communicate with God may come in different forms and in different places. In this chapter, Tricia talks about the value she’s found in experimenting with the spiritual disciplines and how it helped her find growth in the chaos of life.

Chapter 5 - It's All about Freedom and Grace

Throughout this week’s episode with Tricia Rhodes, our conversation has focused on how we can integrate the Spiritual Disciplines into our lives, even when our lives are filled with chaos. There is something incredibly refreshing to hear that the Spiritual Disciplines can be practiced in a variety of ways. We don’t have to feel bound to spending a solid hour each morning in isolated prayer. For some of us, because of the season of life we’re in, we are doing good just to get in 15 minutes alone with Jesus. Don’t feel bad about that! Be grateful for the time you have and make the most of it. The Spiritual Disciplines aren’t meant to establish a new standard or law we must live up too. They are meant to be practices that help us create space to be with and hear from God. To grow in our relationship with him. We often miss this point when we talk about the disciplines because that word holds such negative connotations. But I hope our conversation with Tricia this week has shown you that the Spiritual Disciplines can be a means to walk with God in freedom and grow in His grace. And this comes through so prominently in Tricia’s life and work. And so it isn’t surprising that freedom and grace have been a highlight to how God has worked in her life.




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