How Missions Transforms Us As Disciples - Stephen Kuert - Episode 26

Stephen Kuert was born and raised in a missionary family in Nairobi, Kenya. When in the USA, Stephen lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he received his undergraduate degree at Oral Roberts University. He went on to obtain his master’s degree at Global University. Stephen has traveled to over 30 nations and has lived as a missionary in 4 countries while ministering and teaching in several more.

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Chapter 1 - Growing a Heart for Missions

Most of us realize that when it comes to sharing our faith, we could probably do more. We have a desire to tell our friends, family members, and neighbors about the good news that Christ came to save them. So why is it that we have such a hard time opening up about our faith when we know it’s an essential part of our discipleship? Jesus calls us to make other disciples. But it seems like every time we set our minds to sharing our faith with someone, fear wells up in our hearts, and we find a million excuses to keep us from reaching out. And that’s why we're so excited to be talking to Stephen Kuert this week. Raised as a missionary kid and now a missionary himself, Stephen helps us see discipleship, and our call to make disciples, through the unique lens of missions. And we believe you will come away from this conversation with a fresh perspective on how your lifestyle of discipleship can lead to making other disciples.

Chapter 2 - How Missions Transforms Us As Disciples

We’re often scared to tell others about our relationship with Jesus because we’re afraid they’ll reject us or hate us for it. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. Could it be that we think we have to get them saved first before we can be good friends with them? We may not say that, but our lives may say that for us without words in the way we prefer to stay inside the walls of our churches or to spend all our spare time with our Christian friends. In this chapter, Stephen lays out a few practical tips for building relationships with other people. And it doesn’t have to be any more complicated than saying, “Hello, my name is Stephen. What’s your name?”

Chapter 3 - What You Need to Know Before You Go into Missions

For the past century, the church has has put a lot of emphasis on going to new places to preach the gospel. And it’s easy to see why. Jesus, after all, told his disciples to “go into all nations and make disciples.” And that’s part of Daily Growth Discipleship’s missions. We want to help you grow in your own discipleship journey so that your life would be a means of making other disciples. But in this chapter, Stephen Kuert talks to us about another passage of Scripture that we don’t usually look at for the purpose of missions. It’s the call the stay. And once we started down this road, we opened up a whole host of questions that showed us just how helpful developing a mindset for missions can be for creating a lifestyle of discipleship.

Chapter 4 - How to Develop a Missional Mindset

You feel the call of God to participate in missions, maybe not as a missionary, but definitely to do something. So now what? How do we find a place to get involved? And are there any mistakes we can avoid as we do? In this chapter, Stephen answers these questions and provides some great tips on how we can develop a missional mindset.




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