Following God into Dangerous Places - Josh Havens - Episode 4

What is it that would so compel the apostle Paul to continue on to Jerusalem, when everyone around him urged and pleaded with him to stay away? Why would he be willing to say, “I’m ready to be imprisoned and die in Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus?” And why do we secretly think to ourselves, "I hope God never calls me to do that?" Following God into dangerous places isn't something only the most noble saints in Church history do. The very thing that motivates them to follow God into dangerous places can motivate us to follow him in that way. All it takes is a desire to know God and the willingness to cultivate that relationship every day.

In this episode, we take a break from our featured guests to share a sermon by Josh Havens from Acts 21:1-16, preached at Bent Oak Church in Springfield, MO.

Josh Havens is the co-founder of Daily Growth Discipleship and co-host of the Daily Growth Discipleship Podcast. He lives in Springfield, Missouri, with his wife Elisia, and two sons. He also works at Global University as a software developer and as a faculty member for the School of Bible and Theology. He enjoys solving puzzles, learning about pretty much anything he can, and has a particular weakness for macaroni and cheese.

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