Accepting the You God Sees - Juanita Rasmus - Episode 73

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We each have an inner story about who we think we are. This self-narrative guides our lives and the decisions we make. Are we the kind of person who goes skydiving? Or are we the kind of person who buys a boat, or goes camping, or lives in an apartment and not a house? The answers to these questions really have to do with our identity; who we are. As Seth Godin describes, “People like us do things like this." But what happens when the narrative we’ve created for ourselves can no longer support us? What happens when our life falls apart and we are forced to re-evaluate who we are. This experience can shake us to our core and send us spiraling into the depths of depression. This is the experience Juanita describes in her book, Learning to Be, as the identity she has built for herself had to be torn down so that God could reveal to her who He had created her to be.


Who is Juanita Rasmus?

Juanita Rasmus is a pastor, Spiritual Director, and contemplative. Juanita has served as a member of the board of directors of Renovaré and its ministry team founded by Richard Foster. Additionally, she serves on the board of her alma mater, Houston Graduate School of Theology, and on the advisory board for Rice University's Religion and Public Life Program. Juanita co-leads the St. John’s Church in Downtown Houston with her husband, Rudy, which they planted together in 1992.

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Learning to Be by Juanita Campbell Rasmus by Byron Katie

Simple Ways to Pray for Healing by Matthew Linn, Sheila Linn, and Dennis Linn

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