Living a Lifestyle of Discipleship - Chris Davis - Episode 1

It's easy to think discipleship is a short-term thing that you do to become a better Christian, whatever "better" means. But what if the call of Jesus to "come follow me" means more than just going to church and sitting in on a few Bible studies?

Chris Davis is a long-time friend of ours and a Central Bible College alumnus. He and his wife, Victoria, and their two kids serve as youth pastors in Baltimore.

Chris knows the discipleship lifestyle because he lives it. His story of coming to Christ and his life after are a real demonstration of what the slow, daily growth of a Christian looks like. It's a journey that takes our entire lives and requires nothing less than all of us.

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Chapter 1 - Following Jesus Will Change You

What happened when you met Jesus? It's a deeper question than it seems, and we may never fully understand the answer with our merely human perspective. One thing is certain though, following Jesus after you meet him will change you. For some that change is drastic. For others it happens gradually over time. God works in each to grow them and make them more like Jesus. In this chapter, Chris unpacks his story of meeting Jesus and the slow, gradual pull he had until the day he finally decided to follow him.

Chapter 2 - God is a Good Father

Your view of God is affected by your view of your own father. Do you view God as cold and distant, warm and caring, or harsh and vindictive? It could be that your own father treated you this way. Whatever your view now, begin to trust that God is a good father. Chris Davis tells the story of his own relationship with his father and the God became more of a father to him than he ever imagined possible.

Chapter 3 - The Discipleship Lifestyle in Community

Have you ever felt alone in trying to figure out how to pray or how to understand the Bible? There's good news! You were created to live the discipleship lifestyle in a community of other disciples. No one can live it alone and do it well. Today, Chris unpacks his experience learning to grow by asking others for help. It's the mark of even the holiest saints. We were made to walk with someone else.

Chapter 4 - Physical Fitness as Discipleship

Physical exercise isn't always what comes to mind when someone mentions spiritual growth or discipleship. But it's a valuable discipline that keeps our physical bodies in shape as well as conditions our minds for further spiritual growth. Chris talks about his journey in physical fitness and the growth he's experienced as a result.

Chapter 5 - Tips for Living the Discipleship Lifestyle

The discipleship lifestyle is never impractical or abstract. In reality, the everyday moments of life are full of things we do that can make us more like Jesus. Chris talks about his experience in teaching his youth group that our heads, habits, and hearts are at the core of our journeys to become more like Jesus.



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